15 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel (Make Money In Travel)

Image of an airplane and various travel destinations - best affiliate programs for travel

If you are looking for the best affiliate programs for travel then you have come to the right place! The niche of travel is a highly lucrative space to start a blog in. People travel all over the world every second of the day. According to the FAA, 45,000 flights take off and land every day. And 2.9 million people travel by air every day!

That’s a lot of people buying airline tickets, hotel reservations, and tickets to amusement parks. That is just in air travel alone. How many more people take buses and trains? The total number of travelers per day is enormous.

The potential of succeeding in the travel business, especially through affiliate and internet marketing is huge, to say the least. That is why I have put together a list of the 15 best affiliate programs that people like you can use to monetize your travel blog!

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15 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel

Resort in Hawaii

In a hurry? Here is a quick table with the best affiliate programs for travel. If you read on you will learn more about each program.

Booking.comPlum Guide
Expedia.comLonely Planet
TripAdvisorDiscover Cars
KayakTravel Payouts
Hotels.comSky Auction
JetBlue VacationsViator
15 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel

1. Booking.com

  • Affiliate Program: Booking.com
  • Cookie Duration: Not Known
  • Commission: up to 40%

Booking.com Is one of the best affiliate programs for booking hotel stays around the world. They have over 2.5 million properties around the world with over 29 million bookable rooms. These are not just hotel rooms. With Booking.com you can book an igloo, treehouse, bed, and breakfast, and also trains. Now that’s a lot of options that your customers can choose from.

With their high commission payouts, you’re sure to make big money with Booking.com! They also book around 1.5 million rooms a day. Check out their promotional video below:

2. Expedia.com

  • Affiliate Program: Expedia.com
  • Cookie Duration: Website Visit
  • Commission: up to 6%

Each month 60 million people visit Expedia.com. Wouldn’t you like to get a piece of that action? They list 400 airlines to choose from and 260,000 properties worldwide that can be booked through Expedia. Your customers that use Expedia get to essentially be their own travel agents and make their own traveling plans all on Expedia.

Expedia customers get great discounts on travel and hotels because they negotiate directly with travel suppliers. Customers have said that they sometimes get 50% off their flights and hotel stays. Check out the review of Expedia’s affiliate program below:

3. TripAdvisor

  • Affiliate Program: TripAdvisor
  • Cookie Duration: 14 Days
  • Commission: 50%

TripAdvisor offers a handsome 50% commission on sales which makes it one of the leading affiliate programs in the travel space. The 50% commission is the minimum you will make with TripAdvisor! Think about that one for a moment. There is money to be made with this program!

Customers who click on over to TripAdvisor get to choose from 1.4 million places they can stay. This is one program I highly recommend. Their affiliate program is available on Awin and Cj affiliate networks.

4. Kayak

Screenshot of Kayak Affiliate Program
Kayak offers 50% commissions.
  • Affiliate Program: Kayak
  • Cookie Duration: 30 minutes
  • Commission: 50%

Kayak is a travel search engine that allows its users to search for the best deals on hotel bookings, flights, and car rentals. With a 50% commission and .95 cents a click you just can’t go wrong partnering with Kayak. Their site gets over 200 million searches per month in 20 different languages. There are over 2 million hotels that you can find with Kayak and they pay out over $76 million a year in ancillary revenue.

5. Hotels.com

Screenshot of Hotels.com Affiliate Program
Hotels.com offers 4% commission.
  • Affiliate Program: Hotels
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days
  • Commission: 4%

Hotels.com offers hotel accommodations on over 1 million properties in 200 countries. They provide their affiliates with vouchers of discounts that they can offer to their website visitors. Anything from small bed and breakfasts to 5-star resorts can be booked through Hotels.com

6. Tours4Fun

Screenshot of Tours4Fun Affiliate Program
Tours4Fun offers up to 5% commission
  • Affiliate Program: Tours4Fun
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Commission: up to 5%

Tours4Fun touts itself as an online travel superstore providing competitively priced vacation destinations for its traveling clientele. The average order through Tours4Fun is $650 with which you get up to a 5% commission if you are one of their affiliates. They have a dedicated affiliate team so you know your questions will be answered.

7. JetBlue Vacations

Screenshot of JetBlue Travel Affiliate Program Website

JetBlue Vacations offers its customers great deals on vacation packages to over 100 different destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. They also offer deals on flights, cars, and hotels. People that click on their site are offered vacation packages that have no cancelation fee. JetBlue’s affiliate program is hosted on the Flexoffers.com affiliate network.

8. Agoda

Screenshot of Agoda Affiliate Program
Agoda offers up to 7% commissions
  • Affiliate Program: Agoda
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: 5% up to 7%

Agoda was established in 2005 and offers web, app and promos in 38 different languages so no matter where you promote their program around the world you know your prospects will understand the language. They have an affiliate team ready to help you get started promoting Agoda’s hotel and travel deals.

As an affiliate you also get free detailed data reports and a personal dashboard to track your earnings and performance. The more bookings you make in a month the higher your rate of commission is up to 7%.

9. Plum Guide

Screenshot of Plum Guide Affiliate Program
Plum Guide offers up to 80% commissions.
  • Affiliate Program: Plum Guide
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Commission: Up to 80% commissions

Plum Guide books beautiful homes that you might not find anywhere else. As a VIP partner you can earn up to 80% commission on bookings. This is one of the most competitive commission rates in the travel industry. They vet all the homes that they book only excepting 3% of homes vetted. As an affiliate with Plum Guide you get a dedicated team of affiliate marketing professionals to help you get started with their program.

You will like that they provide detailed reporting and real time stats on Partnerize affiliate platform. Plum Guide also offers creative solutions to promote their affiliate program.

10. Lonely Planet

  • Affiliate Program: Lonely Planet
  • Cookie Duration:
  • Commission: 15% commission on printed travel guides and e-books

Lonely Planet offers up travel guides and e-books for download. You get a 15% commission on the purchase of these through your affiliate link. Lonely Planet is also going to offer a travel service in the near future that you can earn commissions on as well. Below you can watch the fascinating story of how Lonely Planet came to be.

11. Discover Cars

Screenshot Discover Cars Affiliate Program
Discover Cars offer up to 70% commission.
  • Affiliate Program: Discover Cars
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days
  • Commission: Up to 70%

Discover Cars is a car rental service. They offer a competitive commission rate up to 70% that is paid out monthly via PayPal or wire transfer. As an affiliate you get a dedicated affiliate manager to answer all your questions.

They also have a revenue sharing scheme that’s attractive for people looking to promote their program. Affiliates also get a 30% commission from their full coverage that together with the 70% commission rate makes the Discover Cars affiliate program one of the most attractive programs in the industry.

12. Travel Payouts

Screenshot of Travel Payouts Affiliate Program
Travel Payouts offers up to an 80% commission.
  • Affiliate Program: Travel Payouts
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: Up to 80%

Travel Payouts is a CPA travel affiliate network that works with travel companies such as hotellook.com and Airbnb. Their affiliates get paid from bookings of hotels, motels, car rentals, airline tickets and more. Their affiliate program has paid out over 32 million dollars since 2011.

Affiliates get the opportunity to use Travel Payouts advanced promotional tools such as WordPress plugins, mobile SDK, API, deep links widgets and more. The tools are available in 60 different languages. They also have a blog where you can read about different tips and tricks to make the most of your promotional efforts.

13. Sky Auction

Screenshot of Sky Auction Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Program: Sky Auction
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • Commission: 2% on sales and $2 for every person who registers through your affiliate link

Sky Auctions had been around since February of 1999. They are a travel auction site who negotiates deals with the leading airlines, cruise , hotels and resorts. Their customers can by airline tickets, cruise packages, restaurant certificates, hotel bookings and more. Sky Auction is privately and have professionals running the business with over 100 combined years of experience.

LinkShare is Sky Auctions affiliate network. They also have a specialty auction where they auction off watches, jewelry, memorabilia and more.

14. Cruises.com

Screenshot of Cruises.com Affiliate Program
Cruises.com offers 3% commission
  • Affiliate Program: Cruises.com
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Commission: 3%

Cruises.com is obviously a site that books cruise packages. They work with company’s such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line and Costa Cruises. Visitors to their site have a great search feature where they can look for last minute cruise deals and more.

As an affiliate you get a 3% commission on sales with a 45 day cookie duration that gives people plenty of time to come back and book their cruise. They have been in business for over 15 years and have a strong reputation in the cruising industry. They run their affiliate program through the CJ affiliate network.

15. Viator

Screenshot of Viator Affiliate Program
Viator offers 8% commissions.

Affiliate Program: Viator
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission: 8%

Viator has over 300,000 products for their affiliates to promote. They offer an 8% commission with a 30 day cookie duration. They offer cooking classes, multiday tours, helicopter tours, and walking tours to name a few. Viator is your one stop shop to purchasing tickets to events and tours while on your vacation.

Conclusion – Best Affiliate Programs For Travel

Well that’s my list of 15 of the best affiliate programs for travel. Like I said earlier there’s big money to be had in the travel blogging business with many attractive affiliate programs to choose from. I believe you made a great choice in entering this space and with the end of Covid restrictions traveling will resume as normal for those looking for a vacation destination and airline tickets.

If you have started your travel blog or deciding on starting a travel blog then I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate as your go to headquarters for your online business. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years and I couldn’t run my business without there affiliate marketing tools. It’s free to get started and they provide everything you need to run a successful travel website.

10 Best Art Affiliate Programs (Monetize Your Art Blog)

Artist Painting on a large canvas - Best Art Affiliate Programs

If you are reading this right now then I would guess that you are an artist or interested in arts and crafts in some way. I would also assume that you are interested in starting a blog about art and would like to know how to monetize it with affiliate programs. If all that is true then you have come to the right page.

In this guide 10 best art affiliate programs, you will learn about some of the best and most lucrative affiliate programs that are on the internet today that promote art and craft supplies. Art is a huge niche with plenty of opportunities to excel and succeed if you have the proper affiliate marketing training.

Before we delve into the art affiliate programs I would like to let you know about an excellent company that I work with called Wealthy Affiliate. This online affiliate marketing community provides you with all the tools necessary to build and grow a successful website in any niche including the art niche. 

Wealthy Affiliate is my online business headquarters where my websites are hosted and there’s an entire community of like-minded internet marketers all working together to help each other succeed in their chosen niche. Everything you need to succeed with your online business is all in one place!

So if you are ready to get started in the world of affiliate marketing and ready to start making money online with your own website then click on over to Wealthy Affiliate and get started for free! And if you join for free today I will personally help you start and build your own art blog and business. No credit card needed!

Now without further adieu Niche Anatomy presents the 10 best art affiliate programs for arts and crafts bloggers.

10 Best Art Affiliate Programs 2022

If you are in a hurry here is a simple table of the 10 top art affiliate programs of 2022.

Scrapbooking.comFine Art America
Easy Canvas PrintsA Cherry on Top
Artists NetworkBlick Art Materials
Society 6Art to Frame
Paint By NumbersFramed Art

Now on to the descriptions of each of these programs and how much you can make promoting their affiliate offers.


This company offers up to a 20% commission on products bought through your Scrapbooking.com affiliate link. Their cookie lasts for 30 days. They offer over 50,000 scrapbooking and crafting products.

Join Scrapbooking.com Affiliate Program

Easy Canvas Prints

Earn 3% to 6% on sales through your Easy Canvas Prints affiliate link. They have a $91.14 EPC. Make money with your blog selling canvas art today.

Join Easy Canvas Prints Affiliate Program

Artists Network

Make money selling artist resource kits, ebooks, painting books, and more with Artists Network. They offer a 12% commission per sale through the Artists Network affiliate program.

Join Artists Network Affiliate Program

Society 6

Sell other artists’ artwork with the Society 6 affiliate program. This site has been around since 2009. If you have your own art to sell you can join their community and sell yours through their affiliate program as well.

Society 6 offers anything from wood art, framed canvas art to metal art. They have a 30-day cookie and a 5% commission on each sale through your affiliate link.

Join Society 6 Affiliate Program

Paint By Numbers

Earn a generous 15% commission selling paint by number kits. Paint By Numbers has one of the highest commissions in the art space. Their cookies last for 30 days!

Join Paint By Numbers Affiliate Program

Fine Art America

Fine Art America utilizes print on demand to help artists sell their wares around the globe. Their affiliate program offers an 8% base commission on sales. You will have over 100,000 artists and their products to choose from to sell on your website. 30-day cookie and fast shipping because of their 16 global distribution centers.

Join Fine Art America Affiliate Program

A Cherry on Top

This online company is one of the foremost sellers of scrapbooking supplies. You also make money selling their wide range of art supplies such as brushes, ink, paper, paint, and more. You will earn 4% on every sale through your affiliate link. 30-day cookie duration for your A Cherry on Top affiliate link.

Join A Cherry on Top Affiliate Program

Blick Art Materials

Make a 3% commission per sale selling Blick Art Materials. They offer everything an artist would need for supplies. There are over 90,000 products to choose from. Only 1-day cookie duration.

Join Blick Art Materials Affiliate Program

Art to Frame

Art to Frame has been around since 1929 and is family-owned. Now they are online and offer handmade frames where a visitor to their website uploads the picture of their choice and they get to choose what frame they would like and when the frame is done they ship it to you with the picture. They also offer print-on-demand services. You receive an 8% commission on sales through your affiliate link.

Join Art to Frame Affiliate Program

Framed Art

The last affiliate program on the list is Framed Art. Earn an 8% commission selling artwork that’s framed. They offer 40 different style frames with 175,000 prints to choose from.

Join Framed Art Affiliate Program

Conclusion – Best Art Affiliate Programs

There you have it, 10 of the best art affiliate programs online in 2022. Making money with an art or crafts blog is highly possible and the skies are the limit on how you can go about doing it.

If you are serious about starting your own art blog/online business then do yourself a favor and start with the Wealthy Affiliate community that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. I wish I would have found WA when I first started out in affiliate marketing and online business that program would have saved me a lot of time and headaches. But now that I belong to Wealthy Affiliate my dreams of running a business online have become a success!

You can check Wealthy Affiliate out for free here.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your search for the perfect affiliate programs and online business in the art niche!

3 Different Types of Niches – Do What You Love!

3 types of niches. Orange words on black background.

The niche market is vast, to say the least! There is plenty of money to be made if you know your niche well and you know how to build an online business and market to your audience. In this article, I will explain the 3 different types of broad niche markets that there are and how you can make money with each of them.

Niches that provide endless amounts of interest from people are called evergreen niches. Evergreen niches are the niches that I would recommend that you start your business in.

These are the niches that will make you the most passive income for longer periods of time. Then you have seasonal and fad or trending niches that can be lucrative but won’t provide a passive revenue stream all year long.

Start Your Own Niche Website Here

3 Different Types of Niches

  1. Evergreen
  2. Seasonal
  3. Fad/Trend

Evergreen Niches


Evergreen this term has been floating around the internet marketing world for some time now and for good reason. According to Wiktionary evergreen means always in style.

The meaning of evergreen from Wiktionary circled in red.

And that’s what you want to base your online niche business around. A niche that is always in style and that holds enough people’s interest so that you can make money year-round.

Evergreen niches are timeless. For example:

  • Dog Toys
  • Cat Toys
  • Child Care
  • Home Decor
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Sports Equipment

All of these are considered Evergreen niches. The list is endless. All of these niches have huge audiences that you can write content for and come up with solutions to their problems by offering advice, tips, and services or products.

The audiences in the evergreen niches will buy from you year-round and there will be interest in these topics year-round. Making evergreen niches a very lucrative choice in a niche.

If you want to build an authority site that is the aim for niche site builders then evergreen would be the niches you want to build your website and business around.

Seasonal Niches

Arrows in a circle with images of the four seasons in them. Green background.

Seasonal niches are exactly that seasonal. These hold interest usually once a year. Websites that cater to Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day all of these are considered seasonal niches.

There is a lot of money to be made in seasonal niches but it usually isn’t full swing all year round. Usually the few months leading up to the holiday is when you get your sales.

Then interest will die off until the next year. You might get trickling sales throughout the year but you’re going to make most of the sales from your website for maybe two to three months leading up to the holiday.

If you were to cover each of the major holidays with separate websites then you could make a great long term income from seasonal niches.

You could outsource the content of these sites which would make it much easier but I wouldn’t recommend outsourcing until you have taken one website to success and was making money from it. Then you could scale up as you become more successful.

Fad or Trending Niches

Six. three pointed Fidget spinners in red,blue,green,orange,black and white.

Fad or trending niches are niches that hold interest for a short period of time. These would be certain fashions and things of that nature. This is a hard niche to make money in because most of us promoting niche websites use organic SEO as a means of traffic generation.

Organic traffic from SEO takes time and as soon as you could rank for whatever fad you would be promoting it would probably be too late and the fad and the products associated with it would be long gone. The interest in the product would have evaporated.

You could do social media marketing and hope that it goes viral. Even if your site went viral because of social media it wouldn’t be a sustainable form of passive income.

Fad or trending niches I don’t recommend getting into.

Making a Living Off of Evergreen Niches

Every niche website that I have started has always been in the evergreen niche categories. Some of the niches that I’m involved in are fishing, making money online, and sports niches. All three of these are evergreen niches and I can expect interest in these three niches to continue and grow as time goes on.

Sports/Cookware Niche

Picture of a basketball,football, tennis racket and tennis balls.

Let’s look at the sports niche I’m in. I started a really focused website called Football Crock Pots. This website is about as narrow of a niche as you can get. I sell those crock pots that have the football team’s names and logos on that the company Crockpot sells.

The niche is actually in the football and cooking niche. These are two very lucrative niches to get into and they go hand in hand. The site Football Crock Pots caters to people who love the sport of football and those that like to cook.

The target audience for Football Crock Pots are people who throw football parties and tailgating events. There are many of these people, especially in the USA that will purchase a crockpot of their favorite team and cook food for these tailgating events or football game day parties.

I provide a page promoting each of the NFL and college teams’ crockpots and have an affiliate link that goes to Amazon where they can purchase the crockpot for the specific team that they chose.

Fishing Niche

Tackle box with fishing lures and spincasting reel. Tackle Box Talk in white letters.

One of my other websites is in the fishing niche. It’s called Tackle Box Talk.

On this website, I do reviews of products that have to do with fishing. I also write how-to articles on various aspects of fishing. Most of the products that I review are on Amazon so I put affiliate links in the reviews and people that are interested click on these links and are taken to Amazon where they can purchase a product.

The great thing about being an Amazon associate is that whatever people that click on your link buy on Amazon within 24-hours you get a commission on that product. They could click on the fishing rod link and if they purchase shampoo or baby wipes within that 24-hour window they get paid a commission.

MMO Niche

Make Money Online

The other niche that I’m involved in is the MMO or Make Money Online niche. Now this niche is very competitive but if you have the right knowledge of keyword research, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing then you can do very well in this Niche.

The MMO niche takes a lot more time for you to gain people’s trust because there are so many scams in this niche. But once you gain a following and know how to do the aforementioned things right you can do very well.

I have a site called Income Generating Solutions in this niche. For this website, I do reviews of making money online programs and I help people find legitimate programs that are not scams that they can make money online.

Need Help Getting Started Building a Niche Brand?

If you have read this far I’m going to assume you are interested in starting a niche brand online business.

I can help you with that but you need to be dedicated and know there are no get-rich-quicksilver bullets. If your looking for that I’ll be the first to tell you to click off this site. Niche anatomy is NOT about “Get Rich Quick”!

Learn. Do. Earn

Niche brand creation and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Making money at it is achievable. You have to do hard work and have plenty of patients. Everything isn’t free. I will tell you that right off the bat! But it isn’t expensive either.

If you want to get started with niche brand website creation you first need to Learn.

When you are brand new at this there is a lot to learn so you want to take your time and learn as much as you can. Here’s what you need to learn:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO
  • Content Writing

If you get those three things down you will go a long way with affiliate marketing in any niche.

Next is Do

Once you learn all of these things and even while you are learning them you need to do them. Put them into practice. That is the best way of getting good at anything. Practice, practice, practice.


After you have been at it for a while I would say six months to a year of doing all those things that you have learned you will start earning money through affiliate commissions for all the hard work that you put into your business.

You will earn as long as you follow the right training and keep at it and never give up then you will break through and earn more than you could imagine.

Why do so many people fail at affiliate marketing?

You have probably heard people say ” You can’t make money at affiliate marketing”.  Do you know why people say this? And why do so many fail at making money with affiliate marketing? It’s because they give up and quit too soon. That’s it. If they would have kept at it then they would have seen results.

Most people get bored with whatever they are doing after two to three months. That’s a psychological fact. We live in a society that wants everything now. With affiliate marketing, you need to be persistent for an extended period of time to see results. That’s with any business be it online or in the real world.

But once you persevere and don’t give up you will have a winning online business every time.

Are You Ready to Get Your Niche Business Started?

A guy holding a posted note that says Let's Get Started

If you are ready to start your niche website and online business then I’m ready to help you every step of the way. There’s an online community that I belong to that you can join as well that provides all the tools, training, and services that you need to become successful.

And if you join through the link that I will provide at the end of this article I will personally help you inside the community build your niche website. Personal help with something new is not given out every day. But I’m so confident in this community and its services that I help whoever I can inside.

If you promise to give this your all and have a, not give up attitude then I promise to help you make this a reality for you. The following is the link I promised and when you click that link I have a special video announcement for you.

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Once you click that link, watch the video I made for you, and join the community you will need to set up your account and you can then get started with the training immediately.

Let me help you make money online with your very own niche website and online business.

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Cory Haasnoot – Founder of Niche Anatomy

I would like to say thank you for reading. I know that if you have read this far you are serious about building a solid financial future for yourself and your loved ones. I want you to know that I’m a real person and have dreams and aspirations just like you.

So step up and out of your 9 to 5 rut that so many of us find ourselves in. There is a better way and I can help you achieve it. The way of working for a company for our whole lives and then having a pension and a solid retirement that we can count on are over.

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You will get the tools, training, and my personal help. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain in the world of affiliate marketing and online business creation. Let’s get started today!

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I hope I have provided you with some useful information about niches and niche marketing. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I would love to hear from you. Thank you and have a great rest of your day or evening!